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Bad Blogger

I know I am a bad blogger when I let such a gap happen between posts that I forget my password to login.



After a few days of play in LotRO I have to say I am still not sure what I think about it. Honestly, I still think DDO might be the superior game (go go Diablo style MMO!) but LotRO is fun for all of the interesting cameos and places to see.


Get The Boredom Out

So the class I am taking twice a week now is… I can’t come up with the adjectives for it. The closest I can think of is that I can literally feel the seconds of my life passing me by as I sit there. The boredom is palpable and the instructors lack of preparedness is […]

Funeral and Fun

Spent a chunk of yesterday watching the funeral procession for Teddy Kennedy. Impressive to see how many people turned out for it, how many showed up just to stand on the side of the road and watch all the cars go by. Been interesting watching the programs about his life as well and how much […]


Man, it is Thursday already. The week just shot by. Almost September as well, this year has just been shooting by.


Weekend of Gaming and Compost

So my weekend can be summed up as ‘Champions Online’ and ‘compost’.


Shiny… So Shiny…

So my PC had been dying a slow death for the last year or so. Of course, it is right around five years old so that isn’t entirely unexpected. Of late my ram mysteriously halved, it is taking longer to boot up, the fan is starting to make a whiny noise, and worse of all […]

Lazy Friday

I work from home on Fridays. Always hard to actually get too work though. Spent the morning mostly reading email and poking restlessly at the bits of code and content I should be working on. Distracted by thought of Champions Online, the book I’ve been reading, the pile of compost in my driveway I need […]

Stupid Weather

Long day today. Wouldn’t have been that bad except the weather in Oregon has just been wrong this year. A long time ago, in a place just on the other side of town, I was a child growing up in Portland. Way back then 90+ degree weather was something that happened on one or two […]

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