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Bad Blogger

I know I am a bad blogger when I let such a gap happen between posts that I forget my password to login.


Steak + Sandals = Burned Feet

Common sense lessons you would think I’d have learned by now. When cooking something on the stove, steak for example, in a frying pan with very hot oil you do not want to be wearing sandals.


226 Hours until Civ 5

226 hours until Civ 5 is released (10am on Sept 21st).

Nothing else to say, just counting down how long until my social life ends again and I am given over to the mantra of ‘One more turn… Just one more turn…’

With a Whimper and not a Bang

So after having had my Kindle for a day now, and already having finished reading one book on it and bought several others, I have realized that I may need to re-name my Kindle to WalletBane.


I love my Kindle

So I’ve been playing with my new Kindle for a little bit, and I have to say that I really do love it. Probably the first device or purchase that I’ve gotten in years that I look at and wonder how I got through the day without it.

Summer TV is winding down

2nd to last episode of this season of Eureka was yesterday, the Warehouse 13 season is down to just a few left. Not sure where Psyche or Burn Notice are at for their seasons, but I can never make sense of when USA’s seasons start or end.


Where Have I Been?

Been about 10 months since I last posted, so what have I been doing in that time?



After a few days of play in LotRO I have to say I am still not sure what I think about it. Honestly, I still think DDO might be the superior game (go go Diablo style MMO!) but LotRO is fun for all of the interesting cameos and places to see.



I am just not very good at keeping my blog up to date. Keep meaning to be better about it, but just hard to find the time in my schedule for it and really actually motivate myself to bother.


Get The Boredom Out

So the class I am taking twice a week now is… I can’t come up with the adjectives for it. The closest I can think of is that I can literally feel the seconds of my life passing me by as I sit there. The boredom is palpable and the instructors lack of preparedness is […]