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PSP Gaming

So my PSP is once again my primary gaming platform. Just haven’t felt like sitting down in front of the TV to goof with my PS3 or 360 (or PS2) lately and been a bit too anti-social to login to a MMO.


D&D Essentials are more Confusing than Essential

So I got in the mail today the new D&D Starter Set (the new red box), Dungeon Tiles Master Set: Dungeon, and Heroes of the Fallen Lands and the Rules Compendium. I think I may have wasted my money on all of those except the tile set.


Civilization 5

I’ve been Civ free for almost 20 hours now. Though likely after I right this I’ll go back and play some more. Civ 5 came out at 7am for me on Tuesday, I played it basically all day that day (which I had off of work), then all after work Wednesday, then all day Thursday […]

Valkyria Chronicles 2

So when I got my PS3 originally, I got it to play Disgaea 3. The reason I’ve kept it hooked up and keep playing on it is Valkyria Chronicles. Just recently the sequel came out on the PSP.


Gaming Day

Been playing some StarCraft 2, Borderlands, DDO and Star Trek Online lately. Also, working on setting up a Dark Sun campaign.



If you haven’t heard already, Cryptic is developing a new game based on the D&D 4E rules that is set in the Forgotten Realms and is named Neverwinter.

I just finished writing what ended up as a 21+ page screed on what I was hoping to see in the game.

That screed can be found […]

D&D 4E “Dark Sun Campaign Setting”

So I’ve been reading back and forth through the D&D 4E “Dark Sun Campaign Setting” book and I have to say, I am somewhat disappointed.


FFXIV is failing to impress

Been meaning to write about this for a bit (and actually to write here more often in general) but with the NDA basically down, and it less then a month to launch, I have to say that so far FFXIV has been failing to impress.


STO getting better slowly

With Season 2 out, STO is finally getting closer to the game it should have been at launch. It has always been a decent game, but when it launched so many things where left feeling only half-finished, or just plain not there at all, that it really failed to impress a lot of people.



After a few days of play in LotRO I have to say I am still not sure what I think about it. Honestly, I still think DDO might be the superior game (go go Diablo style MMO!) but LotRO is fun for all of the interesting cameos and places to see.