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PSP Gaming

So my PSP is once again my primary gaming platform. Just haven’t felt like sitting down in front of the TV to goof with my PS3 or 360 (or PS2) lately and been a bit too anti-social to login to a MMO.

So what have I been playing on the PSP?

Valkyria Chronicles 2 remains my favorite PSP game. Impressive job down translating the style of the PS3 Valkyria game down to the PSP platform. Has some changes I could have done without (the lighter tone and the smaller map sizes) but it is very fun and I am very much looking forward to VC3 on the PSP next year.

Actually, been playing the VC3 demo already. It was released in Japan and I found a download for it and transfered it up to my PSP and (after updating the firmware to the most recent version) found that VC3 is a very good improvement over VC2 with nice changes to the combat system and what looks like a more serious story again.

After VC2 the next up that I’ve been playing is Phantasy Star Portable 2. Not as far as I should be in the storyline, spending too much time repeating missions and grinding up the jobs that I am not really using just to see how they play. But it is very fun and someday I am really going to have to go online and try playing it with friends.

Speaking of online play… Still grinding away at Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Still suck at it too, but it remains fun in an old-school-unforgiving-that-thing-just-ate-my-face kind of way.

Persona 3 Portable gets some play now and again, played through it a couple times on the PS2 already so mostly just playing it to see the new main character perspective. But again, I’ve played it soo much that it doesn’t keep my attention as long as it should because it really is well done and the Persona series is a very good RPG series that people shouldn’t miss out on.

After that, there are the games I play whenever I have a tactics-gaming itch: Final Fantasy Tactics – War of the Lions (imho one of the best games ever made), Jeanne de Arc, Wild Arms XF, Disgaea 1 & 2, and Queens Blade – Spiral Chaos (which is something of a guilty pleasure).

Definately looking forward to some PSP releases next year like Ogre Tactics – Let Us Cling Togethor which is a re-make of the original Ogre Tactics game updated with new graphics and some gameplay improvements.

All in all, for a platform that stores seem to be getting rid of their displays for I do spend a lot of time playing on it.

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