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Need More Bookshelves

So my office (where I do far too much of my reading, really) is rapidly being taken over by my books.

When I moved in, those shelves held all the books I unboxed at the time. Actually, come to think of it, that still is all that I’ve unboxed (and I need to remember to check on my storage unit more often). They all fit on there with lots of space left over.

That thing to the left is a stack of old half-furled maps of Portland and Seattle that I was using for a steampunk RPG ages back, need to put them back in the storage tube at some point.

The pile of boxes to the right is from recent (last few months) purchases of DVDs and RPG stuff and I’ve been saving the boxes so I have cardboard to make weird shaped packages out of for Xmas gifts.

But back on topic… Those shelves aren’t even all the books cluttering my office.

Those are the books that I’ve bought, and not gotten around to reading yet. All 151 of them. Seriously, my book buying habits are so bad one of my better friends described me as the Imelda Marcos of literature.

I have yet to decide if I should find that humorous or insulting.

The sad part is that I don’t even know when I will get to reading most of those. A lot of them were whim purchases and they keep getting ignored in favor of other books that I am more certain I will enjoy.

That’s the stacks of what I’ve read in the last year or so. Actually need to move those onto the other shelves to make space for the stuff just off picture down and to the left that is cluttering up my desk (can just see the cornor of my monitor on the edge of left of that picture) and taking up the space I really need for work project notes.

My friends tease me about it, but there are times when I wonder if someday they’ll notice that I’ve been missing and come over to find me dead and buried beneath all of those books.

No idea how I am even going to find space for the 34 boxes of books I still have in my storage unit if I finally close that out to cut down on my expenses…

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