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Bad Blogger

I know I am a bad blogger when I let such a gap happen between posts that I forget my password to login.

So what’s happened since last I posted…

Dark Sun game never took off. Characters were created, campaign designs were laid out, Essentials and Hybrid rules were argued over and then Gamma World came out.

Gamma World is crazy silly fun. Not sure I’d want to do a long-term campaign in the system but for an occasional “get togethor and watch silly stuff happen then the dice hit the table” game it is pretty good. Though it also helps if you have players who know better than to take their characters too seriously.

Watched season one of both The Mentalist and Leverage on DVD. Liked both shows enough that I’ve gotten the 2nd seasons on DVD now (they in fact arrived today and are on my desk next to my laptop).

Watched Sherlock on PBS on their Masterpiece Mystery program. Really really good, Steven Moffat (yes, the Doctor Who and Coupling guy) and Mark Gatiss (who has also written Doctor Who eppys) did a great job in both updating the characters to the modern day and in keeping the right sort of feel and style to the characters. What they failed in was only producing 3 episodes and the next set doesn’t air until August of 2011.

More D&D Essentials products came out. Short form: Monster Vault is tokens and a small book containing monsters that I am pretty sure have already come out in 4E monster manuals, Dungeon Tiles Master Set: The City is another box full of great tiles that are prefect if you missed the earlier tile releases and actually intend to use them, and Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms is book with about 190 pages of new/updated rules and 175 pages that were already printed in Heroes of the Fallen Lands.

On the flip-side, D&D Insider updated their Character Builder to be a web-app that is actually pretty sharp and pretty snazzy and have started showing off the long-long-long awaited Game Table (it was what, 3 years ago it was announced as a DDI feature and just now finally seeing it?).

Champions Online started a closed beta of the F2P features (Which the NDA allows me to say I am taking part in, but I can’t tell you about the changes like the QoL & UI improvements or the additions to the powersets or the great new content changes and additions. Nope. Can’t talk about those at all.)

Star Trek Online just finished it’s second set of Feature Episodes and they really were great ones. Lots of nice improvements and changes in the Devidian missions that I hope get used in updates to existing content through out the game.

The STO Foundry is supposedly going to be available for Open Beta testing next week (Didn’t get invited to that CB unfortunately). Going to be interesting seeing those tools then as I am looking at them mostly as a hinting towards what the Forge tools for Neverwinter may or may not be like.

Not much new information on Neverwinter which remains my most-anticipated game for next year.

This month is NaNoWriMo so I started writing a lot more this month. More about that in another post.

Had an abscessed tooth that I had to get removed the other day. Good news, it cost far less to do that then I thought. Bad news, now I get this empty spot in my jaw that is going to likely have to be filled with an implant or a bridge and both of those are looking to be fucktastically expensive.

Thirty-seven days until Christmas. Not even sure who I am going to be shopping for yet, and a friend of mine chatted at me over Steam today that she’d finished all of her holiday shopping already. Gyah…

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  • And another reason I am a bad blogger… I just moved all pending comments to spam and deleted them all before it actually occured to me that any of them might actually have been real comments.


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