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With a Whimper and not a Bang

So after having had my Kindle for a day now, and already having finished reading one book on it and bought several others, I have realized that I may need to re-name my Kindle to WalletBane.

Quite simply, it has the potential to drain money very rapidly from my checking account as it really enables me to impulse book shop far far far too easily.

I already have 139 paper books sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read (not counting the 11 books I am currently in the process of reading) and now I have 6 books I bought last night on my Kindle waiting for me to read them.

And I’ll probably read the Kindle ones first because the novelty of using the device will last for quite a while still.

Definately love my Kindle, no regrets buying it, one of the first bits of technology that I’ve seen in a while that actually seems useful and well designed.

Just have this lingering suspicion that I will have to be very careful watching my book buying or I’ll be financially insolvent by the end of the year.

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