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Gaming Day

Been playing some StarCraft 2, Borderlands, DDO and Star Trek Online lately. Also, working on setting up a Dark Sun campaign.

So I spend a fair bit of time during the week hanging out on Coldfront’s IRC channels. Started doing this quite a while back for Champions Online chats and STO chats. Later ended up joining a fleet in STO that had a channel there. Now while not many of us are that active in either CO or STO anymore (I have lifetime subs for both games, so I am active whenever the mood strikes me) the channels I hang out in are a lot of the same people but just general chatter.

One of the games we’ve been chattering about is StarCraft 2 and a couple of the other people have been doing league 3v3 play. Had been invited to join them to make it 4v4 but I passed as my SC skills weren’t quite up to par (imho) to be a good part of their team. So I’ve been playing a bit more of the campaign (which really has nothing to do with multi-player tactics) and some multi-player matches against the AI. Still not sure my macro/micro skills are back up to par yet but getting better.

DDO has my human monk leveling slowly up, but also just started a warforged wizard/rogue. Very much a ‘flavor of the month’ build but it looks to be pretty solid for solo’ing and I can finally get all those damned secret doors my monk could spot but not search for due to shitty seach skills and not enough skill points. Game remains fun, ended up joining a guild over there to have people to chat with and the group looks to be pretty fun.

Just bought Borderlands this past week. Ended up then playing it for 6 straight hours before realizing it was 2am and I needed to sleep. Very fun, well designed content where the bits are just the right size that they don’t drag on for too long and you never realize how much time you are spending on them. Going to do some co-op this weekend with some of the IRC crowd I think. Will be interesting to see how it fares in multi-player play.

Did the first of the ‘feature episodes’ last night in STO. “Cold Call” I believe the name of it was. Did it on Advanced difficulty because I didn’t think to change it before I went into the mission. If I’d realized there was so much ground combat in it, I may have as I find the balance on ground combat is a little off (bridge officer AI not being smart enough to remove themselves from AoE effects or to seek cover without being told) though I find space combat on Advanced to be almost too easy. That said, this mission was a nice change of pace. The Breen made for an interesting new enemy to fight, though the bosses AoE attack was a little harsh as it was able to one-hit KO four of my bridge officers at once. The space portion turned out to be a surprisingly good challenge on Advanced. First time in a long time that I did a space battle on any difficulty that I actually felt challenged with. Kind of wish I could replay just the space portions of it. The next feature episode either came out today at noon time or comes out tomorrow at noon.

Other than that, working towards a Dark Sun campaign for 4E D&D. Should be interesting to see how it goes. Trying out some home rules with it to get it feeling more like the 2E setting in terms of character power vs world difficulty. Also using the old 2E books to get the game actually feeling like Dark Sun’s gritty dangerous dark world on the brink of collapse again and not 4E’s goofy mix of Conan’esque sword-and-sorcery meeting Al-Qadim arabian nights.

Will write more about that later, for now I am off back to either SC2 or some more Borderlands. Will decide while I go to get a coke.

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