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Summer TV is winding down

2nd to last episode of this season of Eureka was yesterday, the Warehouse 13 season is down to just a few left. Not sure where Psyche or Burn Notice are at for their seasons, but I can never make sense of when USA’s seasons start or end.

Eureka has been a lot of fun this season, it’s 4th (or 5th if you count the two parts of season 3 seperately). Without spoiling too much, if you have a chance and you can watch it off of OnDemand with your cable or find it online, this is a really good season to start off watching the show. Their was enough of a change at the start of the season to make it easy for new fans to get into without actually alienating existing fans. Always a fun trick to pull off. Only 1 episode left (I haven’t watched yesterdays yet myself) so seeing how they manage to actually tie togethor all the plot points of the season will be interesting.

Warehouse 13 surprised me last year with how fun it was. Was glad to see it come back for a second season and they did a very good job before the season started to not spoil the season’s beginning. (Cliffhanger at end of season 1, despite the ad blitz for season 2 they managed not to spoil the resolution of the cliffhanger by showing any scenes that would give it away.) Looks like 4 episodes left in the season to go, so that means another month until I have to come up with something new to watch.

Psyche and Burn Notice both got me back into watching them this season. Actually missed most of the previous season of Burn Notice so it took me a bit to catch up, and Psyche previously ran hot-and-cold with me as some episodes were great and some of them just had a few too many annoying ‘sound effect and zoom in as Shaun notices something!’ moments in them. But both shows have been fun this season and I hope they both get renewed for another.

Other than that, watched a bit of True Blood (started reading the books and was surprised by how fun the first one was, need to get some of the others sometime), and the Closer (can’t bring myself to watch the show regularly, but it is usually pretty good).

During the summer I picked up season 1 of Castle and season 1 of White Collar on dvd. Watched the Castle season already and loved it, looking forward to season 2 coming out on dvd soon and season 3 starting on TV.

White Collar I caught an episode of on tv, looked interesting, picked up the first season on dvd and just haven’t gotten to watching it yet. It is on my ‘shelf of dvds to watch’ along with the entire series of Deadwood (saw most of it on HBO, been meaning to watch the dvds), the second season of Black Lagoon (watched the first season, own the manga up to vol 9, just not gotten to season 2 yet), the complete series of Claymore (manga is still ongoing when last I looked, curious to see how different the anime is and where it ends at), and the first part of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (loved the manga series which has since ended, the first anime series was pretty good though very untrue to the manga, the bits I’ve already seen of this anime series are more accurate to the manga though still not entirely so).

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