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D&D 4E “Dark Sun Campaign Setting”

So I’ve been reading back and forth through the D&D 4E “Dark Sun Campaign Setting” book and I have to say, I am somewhat disappointed.


Summer TV is winding down

2nd to last episode of this season of Eureka was yesterday, the Warehouse 13 season is down to just a few left. Not sure where Psyche or Burn Notice are at for their seasons, but I can never make sense of when USA’s seasons start or end.


What I’ve Read Lately – Aug 2010 – Part 1

Wherein I talk about what I’ve read lately, what of it I liked, what books I am looking forward to, and where’s my bloody Kindle?!?


FFXIV is failing to impress

Been meaning to write about this for a bit (and actually to write here more often in general) but with the NDA basically down, and it less then a month to launch, I have to say that so far FFXIV has been failing to impress.


STO getting better slowly

With Season 2 out, STO is finally getting closer to the game it should have been at launch. It has always been a decent game, but when it launched so many things where left feeling only half-finished, or just plain not there at all, that it really failed to impress a lot of people.


Where Have I Been?

Been about 10 months since I last posted, so what have I been doing in that time?